Dali’s Desert

Dali’s Desert or “El Desierto de DalĂ­” it is the name given to a desert located in southwestern Bolivia, within the ‘Eduardo Abaroa’ Andean Fauna National Reserve and south of the Chalviri salt flat.

It is located at an average height of 4750 meters above sea level and has an approximate area of 110 km².

It receives the name because people claim it as the most surrealist landscape on Earth, almost like made by the Spanish artist ‘Eugenio Salvador DalĂ­’.

Grand Canyon

The day I flew over the Grand Canyon it was my birthday. The best birthday gift ever was to watch the sunrise from a helicopter flying too high that it felt like I could touch the sun.

I wish I could save those feelings in a box so I can share them like a box of cookies with my loved ones.

Geyser Texture

Yellowsone National Park

The next year we made sure the Yellowstone Park was still open.

On this trip, I was originally chasing the spots from where Ansel Adams took his photographs in Yellowstone. Carrying my Ansel Adam’s book and some pages printed from online forums about those magical spots. A little women running like a maniac excited about the landscapes with her book under her arm.

Like a kid in a candy store, of course, I fell down, to gladly discover the colors and textures from those boiling full of life geysers.