Small Spaces, Big surfaces

La Paz is situated at the western border of Bolivia and today it has around 2,706,359 inhabitants, it is the administrative city and the seat of government. La Paz was founded on October 20th, 1548.

These photographs are about the views of this amazing city. It shows its architecture in a clear

“Old VS. New”

way, the hiding perspectives, and the day to day of local people.

This photo-serie won the second place in the Photography Contest “Freddy Alborta” 2013 (Bolivia).


These photographs show a sort of different perspective from a young city located in Alberta, Canada.

The are were Calgary has been built was inhabited by pre-Clovis people whose presence has been traced back around 11,000 years, before the European arrival. Originally named Fort Brisebois, and later renamed Fort Calgary in 1876. Today around 1,239,220 people live in this city, and I certainly think that there’s more to discover on it.