Singing Therapy Workshop #5: Rhythm and dance


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That was the name of this magical event, dancing and singing were reuniting in the heart of nature. Sonia Roy and Melanie Jolicoeur, both dedicated teachers made of this workshop a unique and marvellous magic time for all the assistants. After my short visit there I came back full of energy, loving nature and  wishing to sing more than ever, even I am a really bad singer! This was just some sort of magic!

Thanks to all the people involved on it, I’m looking forward to be there the next time.

Body Painting Competition at the Royal in Fernie, BC

This event is a fundraising made every year organized by the Royal in association with the city of Fernie and The Fernie Arts Station to¬†carry out the¬†“Out of the Box Project” which concept is putting¬†Art in unexpected places, to accomplish it a certain number of¬†dumpsters in town are¬†painted by local talented artistes.

It is my third year making the photographs for the Body Painting Competition and I can not believe how fast time has gone!!

My first approach was on 2014 when I just went for a coffee at Infinitea carrying my camera as I was walking and taking pictures in town before that. It was when I meet Julie, (Royal’s¬†Owner) and she invited us to take a look to see what was going on for the event of that night at the Royal.

Body Paint
Body Painting Competition 2014, Fernie, BC

That day I made a few shoots and this is my first photo of the Body Painting Competition. There was another photographer covering the event that night, I just went to watch the show, anyway I could steal some shots.


In 2015 I covered the event for first time and it was incredible seeing that much talent on artistes and performers.

Winner 2015’s Competition

In 2016  the show was as good as the year before, new participants and of course lots of talent!


Winner 2016’s Competition
Winner 2017’s Competition

This year was exciting being part again of the Competition. As a photographer I can not be more delighted to capture the process of painting and the final product of what becomes living pieces of art. This event overflows talent and creativity.
I was also pleased that one of my photographs from last year was the basis of a printed ‘fanart’ and included in the awards made by the winning artist from last year.
I have to thank Julie Comete for letting me be a part of all this magic!

Earth Day Fashion Show

This weekend was a busy one! Because of Earth Day Celebrations, Wildsight Elk Valley made a wonderful event: Trashy but Flashy Fashion Show.
Participants confectioned a dress made of recycling materials, they had to show and compete with their creations. It was impressive how creative and talented they were with their making!!

Here are some of the photographs I made, I definitely was so inspired with these designs!!

But this amazingness doesn’t end there! The fashion show was full of energy and beauty!


And of course it couldn’t miss music!!


And the winner were the Drawing buddies Team, with their “Wing it” creation!


It was certainly an amazing event!!!

Mud bogs on Easter Weekend 

Every Easter weekend in the Canadian Rockies area, specifically at the Koocanusa Lake, lots of people get together for a long muddy weekend celebration. This event gathers people from Alberta, British Columbia and Montana for camping, having fun and the most important: driving / riding into the mud.

People say this event has been happening since they remember when they were children. There’s any kind of regulation for it, anyone who wants can be part of it, and it’s free. The only requirement to join is following the forest BC laws and to own a good truck to ride into the mud.

Adults and children have go muddy and have fun!

View of the Koocanusa Lake in Spring    Small quadratec going out of the mud Child on his motorbike  In our way out we got stuck too! That good soul who was around pulled out with a chain our pickup with his truck! Such a fun experience! 

Geyser Texture

Yellowsone National Park

The next year we made sure the Yellowstone Park was still open.

On this trip, I was originally chasing the spots from where Ansel Adams took his photographs¬†in Yellowstone. Carrying¬†my Ansel Adam’s book and some pages printed from online forums about those magical spots. A little women running¬†like a maniac excited about the landscapes with her book under her arm.

Like a kid in a candy store, of course, I fell down, to gladly discover the colors and textures from those boiling full of life geysers.

About old barns

Last summer I went to take photos at this lovely place and went back this winter, and these are the images. Montane, is located five minutes away from downtown Fernie in the Beautiful British Columbia, it has amazing views of snowcapped peaks around, but its principal attraction is this stunning old barn.

Old barns¬†were first build in Europe around 12th century, but this building tradition changed throughout time. Different necessities came up, old¬†techniques were improved, and with lots of effort these solid constructions are still stand up in all North America, Montane’s barn with more than 100 years is one of those.

There are different kinds of barns, the type depends primarily on the function and area of the building. They can be square, rectangular, polygonal, house look like,etc. The Canadian Encyclopedia indicates that “In form and function Canadian barns are classified as Pennsylvania, Dutch and English. In all eastern regions, barns that are circular or polygonal are infrequent except in Qu√©bec…Of the types mentioned, the Pennsylvania is most common except for the little English barn.” Other classifications include:¬†Dutch Barns,¬†Bank Barns,¬†Crib Barns,¬†Round Barns, and¬†Prairie Barns.

The features of this barn belong to the Western barn,¬†the ‘Prairie Barns’ type. The larger herds associated with agriculture in the West and Southwest required great storage space for hay and feed.

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Nowadays, people are restoring and rebuilding old barns, some of them as spectacular new homes, and others just reusing its original function. This barn is now the home for 3 miniature ponies, which look more than happy to be there. People can visit the barn to see the ponies, but it is not allowed to feed them.

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Summer is not the only time of the year to visit the barn, the barn has incredible views in winter season too, anytime is a good opportunity to visit this lovelies.

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I have to thank Sandra for being with me in all the visits to this incredible beautiful place, her company and support was very important for this publication. I will keep visiting, learning and enjoying these old  barns around, as much as I can.