Finding Inspiration

The last project from last year was a photo shoot to a set of drawings from different alive sessions made by architect Fern Marriot.

I photographed and printed them for her in a smaller format as the real drawings are. I can tell I spend some time looking at them, not just meanwhile I was taking the photographs, but while I was setting up tones for printing, and with every image that came out from the printer I compared it with the real version. I just started to pay attention to every small detail, every line, every tone, it was like I was recreating those movements in my head, but not the models’ movements, more like I was seeing the drawings alive.

After I finished the project with Fern I wanted so bad to go back to draw. I have to confess that I am not really good at drawing, anyways I started to draw my own sketches, and even I enjoyed making them there was a little bit of frustration about not getting what I had in my head.

A few weeks later and maybe after overthinking it, I found myself going again to drawing sessions, but still, I couldn’t feel satisfied with the product.

One day I took my dog for a long walk, it was just he and me walking into the forest, a soft wind started to blow, some birds flew from one tall tree to another one, and my little dog decided to chase them.

I was laughing at his brave decision to jump and jump as high as he could, he’s a miniature schnauzer, so maybe you can imagine how cute was the scene. I started to look up to see the birds and got distracted with the movement of the trees with the wind, that movement reminded me about Fern’s drawings, and I decided to take a picture of the trees’ top. After one or two shots I had the right settings in my camera for the photo, and when I took a look at the image I was totally convinced that I can express myself better through the camera, as the photo was exactly how I wanted it to be, the colors, the composition, everything was perfect.

With the drawings in my mind, the idea came out, I looked at my dog and told him: ” I’m going to make my own version of Fern’s drawings in photographs!!”. He looked back at me and made a head movement like not being sure what I was saying. I just took my camera and my dog and went back home running to start making my arrangements for a photo shoot. I contacted my friend Angela to ask if she was up to help me by being the model, I have to say I’m very lucky because she said: “sure, just let me know when”. And then all began.

It took me a few days more to figure it out how to create the movement of the lines from Fern’s drawings, how I’d set up the lights, and what background I’d use. I spent a couple of days more sketching poses for her and the result of that photo shoot finally satisfied my expectations.

After a while of working on the photographs, I know this is not ‘my own version of Fern’s drawings’, I am sure now that it is a set of photographs inspired by Fern’s art.






I have to give big thanks to Fern for allowing me to access to her wonderful world which turned out as a big font of inspiration for me. And big thanks to Angela to help this happening.

Body Painting Competition at the Royal in Fernie, BC

This event is a fundraising made every year organized by the Royal in association with the city of Fernie and The Fernie Arts Station to carry out the “Out of the Box Project” which concept is putting Art in unexpected places, to accomplish it a certain number of dumpsters in town are painted by local talented artistes.

It is my third year making the photographs for the Body Painting Competition and I can not believe how fast time has gone!!

My first approach was on 2014 when I just went for a coffee at Infinitea carrying my camera as I was walking and taking pictures in town before that. It was when I meet Julie, (Royal’s Owner) and she invited us to take a look to see what was going on for the event of that night at the Royal.

Body Paint
Body Painting Competition 2014, Fernie, BC

That day I made a few shoots and this is my first photo of the Body Painting Competition. There was another photographer covering the event that night, I just went to watch the show, anyway I could steal some shots.


In 2015 I covered the event for first time and it was incredible seeing that much talent on artistes and performers.

Winner 2015’s Competition

In 2016  the show was as good as the year before, new participants and of course lots of talent!

Winner 2016’s Competition

Winner 2017’s Competition

This year was exciting being part again of the Competition. As a photographer I can not be more delighted to capture the process of painting and the final product of what becomes living pieces of art. This event overflows talent and creativity.
I was also pleased that one of my photographs from last year was the basis of a printed ‘fanart’ and included in the awards made by the winning artist from last year.
I have to thank Julie Comete for letting me be a part of all this magic!

Mud bogs on Easter Weekend 

Every Easter weekend in the Canadian Rockies area, specifically at the Koocanusa Lake, lots of people get together for a long muddy weekend celebration. This event gathers people from Alberta, British Columbia and Montana for camping, having fun and the most important: driving / riding into the mud. 

People say this event has been happening since they remember when they were children. There’s any kind of regulation for it, anyone who wants can be part of it, and it’s free. The only requirement to join is following the forest BC laws and to own a good truck to ride into the mud. 

Adults and children have go muddy and have fun! 

 View of the Koocanusa Lake in Spring    Small quadratec going out of the mud Child on his motorbike  In our way out we got stuck too! That good soul who was around pulled out with a chain our pickup with his truck! Such a fun experience! 

Just because

catedaral la pazA

 I shot this one on 2012, it is the columns detail from the main facade of the Catedral in my city home, it is located in ‘Plaza Murillo’ in La Paz, Bolivia. It was built in 1835, it has a neoclassic style mixed with baroque details.