The last project from last year was a photo shoot to a set of drawings from different alive sessions made by architect Fern Marriot.

I photographed and printed them for her in a smaller format as the real drawings are. I can tell I spend some time looking at them, not just meanwhile I was taking the photographs, but while I was setting up tones for printing, and with every image that came out from the printer I compared it with the real version. I just started to pay attention to every small detail, every line, every tone, it was like I was recreating those movements in my head, but not the models’ movements, more like I was seeing the drawings alive.

After I finished the project with Fern I wanted so bad to go back to draw. I have to confess that I am not really good at drawing, anyways I started to draw my own sketches, and even I enjoyed making them there was a little bit of frustration about not getting what I had in my head.

A few weeks later and maybe after overthinking it, I found myself going again to drawing sessions, but still, I couldn’t feel satisfied with the product.

One day I took my dog for a long walk, it was just he and me walking into the forest, a soft wind started to blow, some birds flew from one tall tree to another one, and my little dog decided to chase them.

I was laughing at his brave decision to jump and jump as high as he could, he’s a miniature schnauzer, so maybe you can imagine how cute was the scene. I started to look up to see the birds and got distracted with the movement of the trees with the wind, that movement reminded me about Fern’s drawings, and I decided to take a picture of the trees’ top. After one or two shots I had the right settings in my camera for the photo, and when I took a look at the image I was totally convinced that I can express myself better through the camera, as the photo was exactly how I wanted it to be, the colors, the composition, everything was perfect.

With the drawings in my mind, the idea came out, I looked at my dog and told him: ” I’m going to make my own version of Fern’s drawings in photographs!!”. He looked back at me and made a head movement like not being sure what I was saying. I just took my camera and my dog and went back home running to start making my arrangements for a photo shoot. I contacted my friend Angela to ask if she was up to help me by being the model, I have to say I’m very lucky because she said: “sure, just let me know when”. And then all began.

It took me a few days more to figure it out how to create the movement of the lines from Fern’s drawings, how I’d set up the lights, and what background I’d use. I spent a couple of days more sketching poses for her and the result of that photo shoot finally satisfied my expectations.

After a while of working on the photographs, I know this is not ‘my own version of Fern’s drawings’, I am sure now that it is a set of photographs inspired by Fern’s art.






I have to give big thanks to Fern for allowing me to access to her wonderful world which turned out as a big font of inspiration for me. And big thanks to Angela to help this happening.