Finding Inspiration

The last project from 2017 was a photo shoot to a set of drawings from different alive sessions made by architect Fern Marriot.

I photographed and printed them in a smaller format as the real drawings are. Looking at them was a beautiful journey into the lines,  I had a great time while taking the photographs, also when I was setting up tones for printing. With every image that came out from the printer I had to compared it with the real version, and I just started to pay attention to every small detail, every line, every tone, it was like I was recreating those movements in my head, but not the models’ movements, more like seeing the drawings alive.

After I finished the project with Fern I wanted so bad to go back to drawing. I have to confess that I am not good at drawing, anyways I started to draw my own sketches, and even I enjoyed making them there was a little bit of frustration about not getting what I had in my head.

A few weeks later and maybe after overthinking it, I found myself going again to drawing sessions, but still, I couldn’t feel satisfied with the product.

One day I took my dog for a long walk, it was just both of us walking into the forest, a soft wind started to blow, some birds flew from one tall tree to another one. As I was looking up to watch the birds,  that movement of the trees produced by the wind reminded me about Fern’s drawings.

With the drawings in my mind, the idea came out, I looked at my dog and told him: ” I’m going to make my own version of Fern’s drawings in photographs!!”. He looked back at me and made a head movement like not being sure what I was saying. I just took the dog and went back home running to start making my arrangements for a photo shoot. I contacted my friend Angela to be the model, and she liked the idea too.

It took me a few days more to figure it out how to create the movement of the lines from Fern’s drawings, how I’d set up the lights, and what background I’d use. I spent a couple of days more sketching poses and the result of that photo shoot finally satisfied my expectations.

After a while of working on the photographs, I know this is not ‘my own version of Fern’s drawings’, I am totally sure now that it is a set of photographs inspired by Fern’s art.

I have to give big thanks to Fern for allowing me to access to her wonderful world which turned out as a big font of inspiration for me. And thanks to Angela to help this happening.

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