Following the Perseids meteor shower

Last night we adventured to watch the perseids meteor shower, it definitely was an adventure, in our way up to the mountains we were locked up outside the car by our dogs, chances were, if they pressed the lock button with their paws they could open again or open a window, and it happened! They realized something was wrong and going from one side to the other randomly opened a window. we could keep driving, lucky us!

Finally got to the top and set up our comfortable chairs and had a nice meal while watching the sunset. Sun was an impressive red ball because of the smoke from last days, unfortunately various fires started in the BC province due to the dry and hot weather plus some lightenings some human irresponsibilities.

By 11pm a few more people drove up to catch the shower from this gorgeous spot in Fernie. I could see many meteorites and don’t have words to describe how amazing and beautiful they were, long ones, short ones, blue ones and fleeting ones, all of them were eye and soul candy.

It wasn’t easy to photograph them but I came back happy with what I got, the gift of being able to watch them and some other shoots from the sky. At the end, the moon popped up and gave us a stunning show through the smoke and clouds.

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