Mud bogs on Easter Weekend 

Every Easter weekend in the Canadian Rockies area, specifically at the Koocanusa Lake, lots of people get together for a long muddy weekend celebration. This event gathers people from Alberta, British Columbia and Montana for camping, having fun and the most important: driving / riding into the mud.

People say this event has been happening since they remember when they were children. There’s any kind of regulation for it, anyone who wants can be part of it, and it’s free. The only requirement to join is following the forest BC laws and to own a good truck to ride into the mud.

Adults and children have go muddy and have fun!

View of the Koocanusa Lake in Spring    Small quadratec going out of the mud Child on his motorbike  In our way out we got stuck too! That good soul who was around pulled out with a chain our pickup with his truck! Such a fun experience! 

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