Body Paint Art – at Royal, Fernie, BC

Body painting is a very old practice in human history, ancient people used to paint themselves with clay and other natural pigments. Often they painted for ceremonies. In this ritual art forms we can find body painting, tattoos, piercing, nose-ears-mouth plugs, etc.

Researchers interpreted it as a part of their social and spiritual life, and could be a principal element on important moments of the human life when people used to celebrate their “Rites of passage” ( Rites of passage are often ceremonies surrounding events such as the birth of a child, puberty, coming of age, marriage, preparation for war or hunt and death.)

In ancient times body art also showed the position of a person in a certain group, it could represent their origin, position, symbol of power, it could show bravery or beauty.

Over time, the use of body paint has been changing, in the last century artists had the necessity of new ways of expression, social changes pushed them to find new forms of provoking and shocking.

Nowadays body art performances and body painting are in one hand with visual art and music, and they are inspired by different tendencies and movements, where sometimes it is about the moment of creating.

These photographs were taken in the Body Painting Competition 2015 at the Royal in Fernie, BC. The artist is Liam Monahan.
In a few days will be posting other images from that amazing event.

To see more Liam’s job just click:

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